• Transportation
  • Transportation

  • Please take always Mai Linh or Vinasun taxi to avoid getting ripped off.

    For walkers, keep a steady pace, don’t stop, dash or backtrack while crossing the street. So be careful of motorbikes even in the pedestrian crossing!

  • Restaurant
  • Restaurant


    Cuc Gach Quan  

    10 Dang Tat, Ward Tan Dinh, District 1, +84 (28) 38 48 01 44.


    Restaurant Cuc Gach Quan is difficult to find but it is worth the effort, with its focus on traditional Vietnamese cuisine, aims to bring back to the modern city a slice of the old countryside. Dishes are served family-style and prices are reasonable. This restaurant's the best one is HCM city, it's worth making a reservation in advance. 


    Pho Hoa 

    260, Pasteur Street, District 3  +84 (28) 3829 7943

    If you like Pho, don’t miss Pho Hoa. The best Pho in HCMC. Up to now, Hòa Noodle is a famous brand not only in Vietnam but also abroad such as South Korea, Singapore, or Japan



    Quan Ngon
    160 Pasteur street, district 1     +84 (28) 3829 9449

    Don’t miss this. Here you can find almost every street food dishes. The place is usually full at lunch and dinner time so come early and the price is just slightly higher than the real street food. 


    Temple Club
    29 – 31 Ton That Thiep street, District 1    +84 (28) 3829 9244

    A lantern-lit corridor leads through a flight of stairs to Temple Club which is considered the top-notch Vietnamese fine diner. Much as highly complimented for the food, the place is praised for its lush colonial-ish art decor using much of wood and masonry beside retro decorative items and antique silverware.


    3T Restaurant

    29-31 Ton That Thiep St., district 1, +84 (28) 8211631 /  +84 9 0835 7530

    Amazing Vietnamese BBQ at building terrace. Be careful. Place is very noisy!


  • Shopping
  • Shopping


    Cho Ben Thanh – Open from 9 AM to 5 PM

    The place is good for bargain hunter. Ben Thanh is the largest old-style market in the central district, with several hundred small stalls stuffed with goods on almost impassably narrow aisles. Most items are not price-marked, and vendors always quote a 50-100% higher price to tourists, so bargaining hard will save you money.

    What to buy: coffee and tea, craft, dried fruits, fruits, dried fish, handbags, clothes,…

    Thuong Xa Tax Department Store

    Located at corner of Le Loi and Nguyen Hue. Formerly the Russian Market. There’s a good supermarket on level 2, the price is reasonable.

    Dong Khoi Street (Old Name Catina Street)
    Along Dong Khoi Street, there is a lot of middle up branded store.


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